Hi again, it’s Shawn from TB. I’ll try to keep this super simple to join and get you online. I started this hosting spot because a lot of people don’t know the ropes and are presented with a lot of  up-sales not needed and often do more harm than good. These sites are on SSD VPS’s (including TB) maxed at 10 to 15 sites each and I usually chicken out and close them to new sites at 12.

Been there done that and I aim to keep you away from “build a site tonight” “make money by morning” quotes because they simply don’t exist. Your success is your will and I want to watch you soar. Oh, and hell, who knew I had so much nerd in me.

Chicken or the egg? A lot of new sign ups are one trick clicks so I do them and move on without charging. Anything that needs a change order you’ll know before it’s preformed. My concern is you making your site prosper. Just like building a house a drain needs to be installed before the sink. We’ll help guide you the proper structure from the start so we’re not redoing it in order to make the drain work.

Currently this site is on a free template (Twenty Seventeen) that comes bundled with WordPress. I won’t be changing pictures to match my industry but will throw in template changes so you can see the dramatic effects.

We also (another host site) have a large bank of shared servers. They are cheaper but I don’t recommend because of security and the speed techno magic is happening they are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Good or bad I got your back. You may run into a problem that would take hours to resolve. Before you take a long task on, ask me, I may be able to put that fire out quickly!

See you on the backside! I’m excited an honored to have you!!! – Shawn