Anatomy of a Website

A website is controlled through 3 separate interfaces specifically here. Listing the ones we use but all have an alternative or something very similar. Think of them as programs.

1. WHM (web host manager) usual;y people who host multiple sites utilize this. Say if something needed updating deep in code one could preform the update to all the sites at once. Linux based root of site.  Can kill a site’s root with one misplaced character.
2. cPanel similar to WHM (part of) for single sites. Want another e-mail or a sub domain you’d do it here. Also, has a few templates you can “set-n-forget” Linux based, can kill a site with one misplaced character but WHM can usually fix.
3. The sites public face needs a back end to make it pretty. Just a few but there are many! WordPress, Shopify, Google Sites, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla… Can kill the pretty part of a site with one misplaced character. This is where backups are important for you to preform. More on that soon.