Another Site

Most of the sites we host are run by the owner, corporate, or we manage the data base and another company does the pretty. Anyways, finally got one under our edits so you can watch.

My contractor friend somewhat needs a website. He doesn’t really need it to get customers since most of his work is referrals. He needs a site to validate he aint f**kn around. Besides a few words on what they can do, the majority of his people need visual proof. He already has the referral which is about 75% and the sites intention is to close up the 25% and ease the customers mind.

He has a Facebook page but honestly, a company depending on a place where less than 5% of the sheep are there to buy, to me, is about as useless as chicken shit on a pump handle. There is no long term benefit and you are controlled (the opposite of entrepreneur). Waste all that time (days not hours) on FB and they go out of business. You think they are going to care about what you built on their property? nope

I have since told him to get before, after and always holding the camera phone horizontal. He’s not anywhere near nerddom but I hope to teach him how to upload pics and categorize them in the right spot.

These pics averaged 1.5MB, I reduced them to around 150000kb. This is a must for quick sites.

Go ahead look around and mark likes, dislikes, questions. I’ll be changing it more to fit visitors in near future. Plus move it to it’s own domain.

See you! – Shawn

Lets Get Real

We have 2 equally important areas where we have to shoot for excellence.  A computer that reads (computes) words and a human’s eye attractiveness.  It will make your life easier to have the main content (words) ready to go before you actually build the site. What are you putting on home, about, product… pages?

The computer: In order to get the attention of another computer’s bot (mainly search engines) you have to have keywords it can understand and ultimately categorize your site to get you in your buyers (human) eyes. So 1st we need to get you your keywords that go in a hierarchy. Google has a pretty good keyword planner and there are many others paid and free. Example:


-blue hats

–blue feather hats

I’ll stop short but then you get into long tail keywords  like “how to make a blue hat” “DIY blue feather hats”.  These are the ones that pop up when typing in search engines and bottom of a search page. Very important more down line!

Young and old sites will have a hard time ranking “hats” because the competition is so big. From a simple google search of hat this is the competition “About 781,000,000 results” You will learn this just by using your keyword planner. A new site will not get on page 20 million for “hat”. But it may rank on page 1 for “how to make a Hawaiian feather hat band”

So now we know we need keywords in our content in order to rank. Well, trying to get keywords is a lot easier if you naturally write your article on a long tail keyword or example in next paragraph. A lot of people write for the top keywords never naturally hitting long tails.

For instance go to Google or Bing and search “blue hat”. At the bottom of the search page will be “Searches related to blue hat” also known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Can you write an article with one of those that is related to your site’s over all gig? Do you want to write your knowledge about it? Check your top keywords, long tail, and even the search related LSI. Don’t do them all just get some good ones that will get your readers attention/interest. By doing it this way bottom up, as you jabber type what you know you’ll type top keywords naturally and not seem “keyword stuffed“.

Is it better to show off to a large group who are not really interested or a small group that is? Well, kinda both… When the small group grows it will end up in large groups without you pushing. Keep the small group close to your heart they are your rock. This may not be a popular opinion but the need for action at the start of a site is going to be great. That “need” feeling to sign up friends, family, and their dog is not really going to help long term if at all. Just skip all the “like my page” notifications and waste time time in writing another article for your site 😉  I mean not to be a pisser but are you really going to charge your Momma?

The Human Eye: Now that we got search engines wired a few things about humans. They are weird, impatient, and quickly act off subconscious yay/nay. Something you write could make someone click away or make them stay. Try to write for the readers benefit. Writing bottom up in an honest personal style will help a lot for you and your users. It naturally comes off natural. Depending on your niche all of them have their own level of personalization of too much or too little.

If you’re like me you’d like your site dark themed. Well I’m here to tell you dark sites do not convert. period. If you have a site people can’t do without you can go dark but even Pandora went light themed. New site visitors will click away 80% of the time within 2 clicks. I’ll bark about site themes later.

Stay humble, you work for them and the company, not your feelings.

I got shit to do! See ya around!!! – Shawn

Anatomy of a Website

A website is controlled through 3 separate interfaces specifically here. Listing the ones we use but all have an alternative or something very similar. Think of them as programs.

1. WHM (web host manager) usual;y people who host multiple sites utilize this. Say if something needed updating deep in code one could preform the update to all the sites at once. Linux based root of site.  Can kill a site’s root with one misplaced character.
2. cPanel similar to WHM (part of) for single sites. Want another e-mail or a sub domain you’d do it here. Also, has a few templates you can “set-n-forget” Linux based, can kill a site with one misplaced character but WHM can usually fix.
3. The sites public face needs a back end to make it pretty. Just a few but there are many! WordPress, Shopify, Google Sites, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla… Can kill the pretty part of a site with one misplaced character. This is where backups are important for you to preform. More on that soon.